Global Outdoor Travel offers new and innovative options to the adventure travel enthusiast through a unique membership program.  The traditional method of shopping for hunting, fishing, and adventure tourism locations has been revolutionized by Global Outdoors (GO).  Selecting an adventure travel operator previously involved either trusting your vacation to a booking service or agent or spending countless hours of research to confirm for yourself a reputable and quality operation.  Booking agents typically represent numerous operations with no standard of service or amenities guarantee and little consistency amongst the operations they represent.  Finding a hunting or fishing outfitter or adventure travel operator that is of high quality and reputable is difficult and must be repeated for each different location or hunting/fishing species you choose to pursue over the years. 

We take the guess work and research out of the equation.  We are not a booking agent, nor are we a wholesaler or travel consolidator.  We are a team of owners, outfitters, operators, and guides that are the people in the camps, on the mountains, and running the boats at every one of our venues.  Global Outdoors (GO) maintains ownership of every one of our hunting, fishing, and adventure travel operations.  We either own the operation wholly, or own the rights and are contracted to operate the hunting, fishing, and adventure tourism business at each of our locations.

Our Member Services office staff are knowledgeable and polite and will work with you through the whole process from selecting your location, adventure, and travel date to arranging air transport, transfers, hotels, and car rentals.  We will customize and build your itinerary for you; with you.  

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NEW FOR 2020

SELF GUIDED DIY - we supply the guidance, maps, expertise, knowledge, licences and tags, hunting area access, and camp and logistical support/assistance if needed.

With recent changes to guiding and outfitting requirements in British Columbia, we have new and affordable membership hunting and angling lease opportunities available to our non-resident members.
A select number of memberships are available for the 2020-2024 hunting seasons.
Member lease options include single hunts, exclusive hunting parcels (10 000+/- acres), and multi-year hunting plans.  Call us to discuss too our caribou and moose DIY and drop camps in Alaska and member discounts on plains game hunts in Africa.


​​Our members have access to fully guided, semi guided,and self guided hunts and adventures.

FULLY GUIDED - all inclusive hunts with professional guide and support staff for individual hunters or pairs/couples.

SEMI GUIDED - we supply the hunting area, camp, and knowledgeable guide/wrangler to assist your hunting adventure.

​​GOT Hunting