Packages and Pricing


Spring Bear - Spot and Stalk and Hound Dogging!
Our spring bear hunts are spectacular.  Spotting and stalking on avalanche slide chutes and riparian areas, combined with dogging bears with our hounds adds up to tons of fun and action.  Spring days are warm and long with temps in the 70's F (20's C).  Our bears have a wide diversity of colors ranging from coal black to light blonde.  Mid May through late June.

​Bear hunt prices start at $3500 USD

Early Fall Combo - Bugling Bulls with Bow or Rifle!
The Kootenay region of British Columbia is world famous for providing the opportunity to hunt rutting elk with rifles, bows, and cross bows.  Our hunts start in early September.  We combine elk with black bear and mule deer in the early season and with moose, goat, and deer in the late season.  

Rifle harvested elk must be at least 6 point on one side.  This regulation has been in place for close to 20 years and ensures our continued quality and quantity of bull elk.  Early Sept. through mid Oct.

Combo hunt prices start at $5900 USD

Rocky Mountain Safari - Up to 6 Species with High Success!
How about a six species hunt in late Oct. through mid Nov. that combines moose, goat, mule deer, whitetail deer, black bear, and mountain lion?  

Rutting deer and moose, fully haired billies, early season lions, and big fall bears before they head to their dens.

Rocky Mountain Safari prices start at $7900

Winter Predator - Hound Dogging and Predator Calling!
Winter snow starts our predator hunting.  We pursue mountain lion, bobcat, and lynx with our packs of treeing hounds.  Our guide territory for mountain lion is one of the largest and best in North America.  We hunt over 250 square miles of winter range in pursuit of the big cats.  Coyotes and wolves are baited and predator called with high success.  Dec. through February.

Winter Predator Hunt prices start at $7900


Plains and Dangerous Game!
Our Mozambique and Zimbabwe concessions provide wild wilderness hunting for big game and plains game.  Our Namibian hunts offer diverse and quality plains game in amazing settings with superb accommodations and luxury service.  Mid March to October.

African Hunt prices start at $3900

Contact us to discuss the what, where, when, how, and how much.  We will provide you a detailed quote.  We tailor fit hunting adventures to our client's requests.  Prices are all inclusive - with no surprises.  We can arrange everything from your doorstep to ours!

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